Kwale County

Kinango, Lunga, Matuga, Msambweni
250 kilometres

Kwale Overview

Kwale County is a county in the former Coast Province of Kenya. Its capital is Kwale, although Ukunda is the largest town.

Kwale county has an estimated population of 649,931.Kwale is mainly an inland county, but it has coastline south of Mombasa. Diani Beach is part of the Msambweni division. Shimba Hills National Reserve and Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary are other attractions in the county.The coastline in Kwale County stretches for roughly 250 kilometres, which consists of corals, sands and alluvial deposits.

The Coastal Plain, the Foot Plateau, the Coastal Uplands, and the Nyika Plateau are the four principal topographical features of Kwale County.

The Coastal Plain is famous for its white sand beaches. These land formations is a made up of eroded reef material, such as coral sand when it is deposited on the inshore side of the reef. Furthermore, this region has one of the most productive coral reefs, including coral flats, lagoons, reef platforms and fringing reefs. These reefs occupy an estimated total area of 50,000 Ha, with stony coral covering 30%-40% of the total reef population

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