Baringo County


  • Livestock- cattle
  • goats
  • sheep
  • bees
  • fish and poultry
  • tourism services- major tourism attractions in Lake Bogoria and Kapedo hot springs are bubbling waters
  • steamy hot springs
  • gushing geysers and ostriches
  • forests in Tugen hills
  • Laikipia escarpment and Eldama Ravine 
  • it’s a good catchment for birds
  • wildlife
  • picnics and eco-tourism
  • forests encourage soil conservation through terracing
  • vegetable growing
  • beekeeping and practice better relations between livestock and environment
  • other interesting tourist locations in the lake are Soi Safari Lodge
  • Lake Baringo Club as well as Reptile Park
  • which is one of the largest reptile parks in the Rift Valley
  • and Ruko wildlife conservancy with a lot of interesting and lovely attractions ranging from wildlife to cultural villages
  • other tourism attractions include Kabarnet National Museum, and Kipsaraman Community Museum are located on top of Tugen Hills
  • traditional Kalenjin artifacts- musical instruments, storage equipments
  • furniture and ornamental decorations
  • Lake Bogoria National Game Reserve- home to many wild animals including rare kudu antelopes
  • zebras
  • leopards
  • cheetahs
  • hyenas
  • mongoose
  • monkeys
  • baboons and jackals
  • cultural artifacts
  • mining-rubies
  • diatomite
  • opal
  • trace fluorite
  • building stones and ballast Main food crops grown are maize
  • beans and finger millet while the major cash crops are coffee
  • pyrethrum
  • cotton
  • horticulture and onions
  • Other food crops grown include sorghum
  • cassava
  • sweet-potatoes
  • cow peas
  • green grams and groundnuts
  • Services-commerce
  • transport
  • education
  • financial
  • ICT
  • hospitality
  • building and construction among others
  • forestry-wood
  • timber
  • posts
  • poles
  • firewood Livestock products
  • commerce
  • fish farming
  • forestry- main forest products in the county are wood
  • timber
  • posts
  • and poles
  • building materials and bamboo for fencing and Honey
  • services


  • Livestock
  • tourism services
  • cultural artifacts
  • forestry products
  • honey
  • fis


  • Livestock
  • tourism services/destination
  • building stones and Sand
  • Honey processing bakeries
  • milk processing
  • saw mills and cotton ginning Hand craft and cottage - beads
  • necklaces
  • antiques and souvenirs.


  • Testing Abno

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