Kenya Sihami Campaign

They say east or west, home is best.  And with good reason. Home is where we experience countless firsts. And endless memories. Home is where we feel safe. A fortress. A refuge. Home is where we can be our true selves, without fears of prejudice or judgement. Home is a source of great pride and joy. We’ll do anything to keep our home safe and habitable.

It is this reality that informs our #KenyaSihami campaign, an initiative that seeks to champion peace in the lead up to, during and after the national elections. Our campaign celebrates everything that endears our home, Kenya, to us. By tugging at the heartstrings of Kenyans, we seek to evoke a sense of pride and belonging in Kenya, which are the foundations of any peaceful nation. At the end of the day, no one would want to cause the destruction of their home – their haven.

From celebrating our globe-changing innovations, our record breaking athletes and our award winning athletes to spotlighting our rich agriculture, our thriving industries and our enviable infrastructure, the #KenyaSihami campaign gives Kenyans a plethora of reasons to love their home and purpose to maintain its state of peace.

Given how dependant our economy is on peace prevailing, the #KenyaSihami campaign will result in the economy maintaining its momentum during the election season. International investors will also retain their confidence in our great nation, a further boost.

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