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Market Intelligence

The Agency helps exporters or potentials exporters  with the following Country reports which give opportunities in specific countries Market Trends Market Research reports Opportunities for export of...

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Market research and survey

The Agency conducts research and surveys in prioritized markets to identify export opportunities.

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International Market Development and Promotion

Guided by the structured approach to export market prioritization, the Agency undertakes to identify export market opportunities for Kenyan products and formulate appropriate market entry and penetration strategies. This will...

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Enterprise and Product Development

The Agency enhances competitiveness, expansion and diversification of Kenya's exports through interventions in product development and adaptation such as product design, value-added processing, packaging, labelling,...

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Export Trade Information Services

The Agency collects, collates, stores, analyses and disseminates trade information to support enterprise competitiveness.  In addition to the market research findings, the Agency obtains export market information from...

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Advocacy and Trade Policy Facilitation

The Agency offers the following services: Internal and external trade policy environment review and recommendation of the policy review to enhance export production and competitiveness, Contribute to trade policy...

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Nation Branding

One of our key mandates of the Agency is to have an integrated mechanism for building and enhancing the Country’s image and national identity and rallying its citizens behind it.  The Agency is tasked with the...

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